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Please see our varieties available for Florida below. For more detailed descriptions for information on your growing region and what we can offer you, please feel free to drop us a line and we will get right back with you.




Recommended Varieties


Abundance is a low-chill, very vigorous bush with an up-right growth habit. Abundance produces a large number of flower buds in the fall and flowers heavily in the spring. It flowers early and leafs shortly after. The berry is large and has medium blue color and good firmness and flavor.



🚜Machine Harvest   Low Chill


Photo courtesy of Florida Foundation Seed.


Arcadia has a spreading growth habit. It is a mid-season variety, best adapted to production regions similar to central and south-central Florida. Arcadia produces high berry yields when grown in an evergreen management system. Arcadia survives well in the field and has a high tolerance to leaf diseases. Lower berry yields in northern production regions. Chill hours requirement is less than 200 hours.


🌿 Evergreen   Low Chill


Avanti has an upright growth habit. Has a very early fruit maturation. Plants are well suited to an evergreen system in the southernmost production regions in Florida. Minimum chill requirement of 100 hours. 

🌿 Evergreen   Low Chill 


Emerald is a vigorous bush with a growth habit midway between upright and spreading. Flowers open uniformly and it produces abundant leaves even after mild winters. Emerald is very capable of carrying heavy crops. Berries are large and firm with a good picking scar and have a sweet flavor. Color is medium to dark blue. There are no real problems with Emerald, root rot, stem blight and cane canker have not been too serious.




Chickadee™ has a desirable upright growth habit. Production is advised south of Gainesville, FL due to the plant's tendency to uproot when bearing heavy ice loads. Flowers very early. The berries are large and firm, almost crisp. Berries ripen extremely early; half of the berries were ripe by April 15 in trials in Windsor, FL. Berries maintain their high-quality for a very long time on the bush. These berries detach with medium to medium-hard force. Chill hour requirement of approximately 100 hours.


🌿 Evergreen  Low Chill


Endura has an upright growth habit and is a mid-to-late maturing variety. Production regions similar to central Florida. Plants perform well under both evergreen and hydrogen cyanamide management systems. Chill hours requirement of 150 hours. 



Farthing is a very low chill vigorous bush with the bush structure of Windsor, but with more branchiness. The plant makes numerous flower buds and flowers very heavily. Flowering is not as late as Windsor, but later than the Emerald and Jewel. The berries begin to ripen at about the same time as Star, Windsor, and Emerald. Berry firmness is good, and the texture is somewhat but not fully crisp. Berry scar and flavor are good. Farthing is partially self-incompatible and requires cross-pollination for full fruit set.


🚜Machine Harvest 


Indigocrisp™ produces berries with very firm, crisp-textured skin, and a very high sugar-to-acid ratio. When compared to other crisp-textured cultivars, Indigocrisp™ matured earlier and had higher yields. Indigocrisp™ fruit may be mechanically harvested with less damage than traditional berries and had the highest pack out percentages (94%) after machine harvest in field tests. Indigocrisp™ has a chilling requirement of approximately 300 hours.


🚜Machine Harvest  


Jewel has a moderately low chill requirement. It is an early spring ripening and high-quality berry. Jewel produces a large number of flower buds but leafs well in the spring. Vigor is about equal to Sharpblue, but Jewel is shorter and more spreading. Berry quality is excellent and tends to be tart until fully-ripe. Jewel is moderately susceptible to root rot.



Keecrisp is a low chill (300+ chill hours 0 - 7 °C). Mid to late-maturing genotype best adapted to production regions in north central Florida and South Georgia. The key attributes for Keecrisp are crisp fruit texture, upright architecture, and high yield. The fruit quality is excellent - crisp, low acid, spherical fruit that stabile sensory characteristics over postharvest life. Suitable for machine harvest and fresh marketing.


🚜Machine Harvest   Low Chill


Kestrel™ is noted for its early-ripening, high evergreen potential, and superior berry quality. Fruit ripens very early, and berries remain sweet even as hues of blues emerge. The berry quality is excellent, as the plant produces berries that are plump, firm, and aromatic. They produce medium loose berry clusters with very low berry detachment force.

🌿 Evergreen  Low Chill


Legacy is up-right, open habit with flexible canes. Highly vigorous, forming an abundance of flower buds on both longer canes and lateral fruiting twigs. Early-blooming with pure white, elongated flowers. Fruit light blue, firm with excellent flavor; large berries becoming medium in size with successive harvests, small dry stem scar. Clusters are open and well suited to mechanical harvest. Berries maintain their quality even when slightly over-ripe, and are less prone to decay than other highbush cultivars. Late season harvest with heavy production.


🚜Machine Harvest  


Meadowlark™ are very early ripening and have an upright growth habit. They are vase-shaped with stout, upright stems, and a smaller plant structure. Meadowlark™ has a superior ability to leaf strongly during flowering. Plants have high yield potential and survive medium to well in field conditions, although plants may be susceptible to blueberry mites. Fruit ripens extremely early, about 10 days before that or 'Star'; have very open clusters of flowers and berries and produce very loose berry clusters with medium berry detachment force, and may have potential to be harvested mechanically. Berries have a mild flavor with a good balance of sugar and acid, and mature berries maintain quality for a long time on the plant.


🚜Machine Harvest


Patrecia was never trialed by UF, and we do not have the typical data to support the release as with cultivars from the UF breeding program. Patrecia fits a definite need for North Central Florida growers, as it is early maturing (10 days before 'Star', similar to 'Springhigh') but has better fruit quality (large, firm, dry stem scar). Fruit quality, tight clusters, firm, large, oblate fruit, good presentation on the bush - pickers love to harvest this cultivar. The scar is not the smallest but does not tear like 'Springhigh'.


Springhigh is a low chill variety intended for early season production. Springhigh produces a vigorous, upright bush with limited suckering from the base. It does not tend to be twiggy. It produces numerous flowers buds in the fall and is capable of heavy flowering in the spring. Springhigh leafs well, shortly after the time of full bloom. It has good resistance to Phytophthora root rot, stem blight, along with good leaf disease resistance. Springhigh has a large berry that ripens in early spring and has a good scar, firmness and flavor. It is also somewhat dark in color.


Low Chill

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