Our 60 deep cell liner is popular with our growers throughout the Southeast. They provide a 4 1/2" x 2 1/2" root system that can effectively reach deeper soil moisture to increase direct field planting survival while reducing both plant and labor cost. Many growers find these to be their best and most cost-efficient method to increase or replant acreage. These are recommended for planting during late fall thru the winter months into properly prepared fields.  

60 deep liners

Our 1 gallon container is the best option for farmers planting during high stress times such as post harvest or when interplanting within established production fields. The 1 gallon provides a larger root system that can help reduce the time for the field to return to full production.

1 Gallon Containers

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Custom Grow

We offer a Custom Grow option for growers that have a specific size requirement. This allows us to provide the exact variety and size within a specified time frame. This is a true custom grown item. Minimums apply. Timing & pricing provided on request. Please fill out the form on this page and our Grower Specialist will be in touch with you shortly.