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Grower Support

We strive to provide the best, most up-to-date grower support network in the industry. We share our knowledge and resources with our growers ranging from our in-house experience with many varieties grown in various cultivation styles, to cutting-edge research on new selections just released. Let us help you increase productivity and efficiency in your fields. 


We offer support in all areas and partner with others to provide the problem-solving expertise you may require from planting site and variety selections to field prep/installation and cultural practices. We can help with your specific needs for your farm. 


Contact us today to schedule an on-site visit by our Grower Support Specialist. You'll be glad you did.

State & Regional Associations

Resource Links

Florida Blueberry Growers Association

Georgia Blueberry Growers Association

North Carolina Blueberry Council

California Blueberry Commission

United State Highbush Council

North American Blueberry Council

International Blueberry Organization

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Blueberry Breeding Program

University of Florida IFAS

University of Florida Plant Pathology

North Carolina State Extension

Southern Regional Small Fruits Consortium

Logan Labs LLC

Waters Agricultural Laboratories

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