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Evergreen Varieties


Arcadia has a spreading growth habit. It is a mid-season variety, best adapted to production regions similar to central and south-central Florida. Arcadia produces high berry yields when grown in an evergreen management system. Arcadia survives well in the field and has a high tolerance to leaf diseases. Lower berry yields in northern production regions. Chill hours requirement is less than 200 hours.


🌿 Evergreen   Low Chill


Avanti has an upright growth habit. Has a very early fruit maturation. Plants are well suited to an evergreen system in the southernmost production regions in Florida. Minimum chill requirement of 100 hours. 

🌿 Evergreen   Low Chill 


Chickadee™ has a desirable upright growth habit. Production is advised south of Gainesville, FL due to the

plant's tendency to uproot when bearing heavy ice loads. Flowers very early. The berries are large and firm, almost crisp. Berries ripen extremely early; half of the berries were ripe by April 15 in trials in Windsor, FL. Berries maintain their high-quality for a very long time on the bush. These berries detach with medium to medium-hard force. Chill hour requirement of approximately 100 hours.



🌿 Evergreen  Low Chill


Kestrel™ is noted for its early-ripening, high evergreen potential, and superior berry quality. Fruit ripens very early, and berries remain sweet even as hues of blues emerge. The berry quality is excellent, as the plant produces berries that are plump, firm, and aromatic. They produce medium loose berry clusters with very low berry detachment force.

🌿 Evergreen  Low Chill

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